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Prison System Monitoring Solution

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  1. One,   Overview  

    Prisons are places for the management and management of criminals. Most of the detainees are criminals. Detention and management are not easy. Safety is the first issue to be guaranteed. It is necessary to ensure the safety of society, as well as the safety of prison guards and the safety of criminals. The use of high-tech video surveillance security equipment can effectively strengthen the management of prisoners and monitor the conversations of detainees in real time, and a voice intercom system can be set up to reflect the on-site situation of important places in a timely and timely manner, enhancing security Measures. It is a powerful tool for modern prison management.

Based on the specific requirements of the prison surveillance and control system construction project, Anhui Secco Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has designed a network audio and video surveillance solution based on a new concept of computer networks to meet its security and technical defense needs. This solution makes full use of the high-tech convenience of the prison itself and the rich resources of the newly-built computer network. It applies all-digital audio and video surveillance technology based on computer networks to incorporate the control and management of digital audio and video surveillance and the processing of monitoring audio and video images. Computer network unified management .   浏览的方式监看,监控主机实时记录监控图像、声音、报警信号。 The network audio and video monitoring system uses a network video server to transmit sounds and images in real time through the network. The remote monitoring end can be monitored by IE browsing. The monitoring host records the monitoring images, sounds, and alarm signals in real time.
Second, the design plan basis and guiding ideology

、设计依据 1. Design basis
2004 "Technical Specifications for Safety Prevention Engineering" GB503482004

1996 "Anti-theft Alarm Center Console" GB / TI65721996

"Communication System Room Design"  90 GBKJ90

"Alarm image signal cable transmission device"  87 GBJ11587

94 "Engineering Technical Specifications for Civilian Closed Circuit Television Monitoring System" GB5019894

"Guidelines for Classification of Computer Information System Security Protection Levels"  1999 GB179591999

2004 "Building Electronic Information System Lightning Protection Technical Specification" GB503432004

"Safety Protection Engineering Procedures and Requirements"  1994 GA / T751994

"Technical Requirements for Video Security Monitoring System"   GA / T367? —2001

"Acceptance Rules for Safety Prevention System"  2001 GA3082001

"General Graphical Symbols for Security Systems"  2000 GA / T742000

号( 2000 ) "Administrative Measures for Safety Technology Prevention Products" Ministry of Public Security and National Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision No. 12 ( 2000 )

、设计指导思想 2. Design guidelines

先进性、经济性:本监控及报警系统所选设备优良、功能完善、性能稳定,是整个系统能在相当长的时间内会保持国内外先进水准;同时,本着经济实用、稳定可靠的原则,充分发挥该系统的最大效用。 Advanced and economical: The equipment selected for this monitoring and alarm system is excellent, with complete functions and stable performance. The whole system can maintain the advanced level at home and abroad for a long time. Principle to make the most of the system.

安全性:对于一个系统来说,其内外部的安全性也非常重要,应具有密码、多级控制级别、撤设防级别;操作人权限可划分为系统设置、超级用户、值班员等,各种系统控制、报警时间应具有记录及共享功能。 Security: For a system, its internal and external security is also very important. It should have passwords, multi-level control levels, and disarming levels. Operator permissions can be divided into system settings, super users, and watch attendants. This kind of system control and alarm time should have recording and sharing functions.

稳定性:对一个复杂的监视系统,其稳定性至关重要,应避免死机、脱机,经常性不可控制或异常等现象。 Stability: For a complex surveillance system, its stability is very important. It should avoid crashes, offline, often uncontrollable or abnormal phenomena.

方便性:操作应具有灵活简便、易于掌握的特点,操作人能轻易的进行使用和维护。 Convenience: The operation should be flexible, simple, and easy to grasp, and the operator can use and maintain it easily.

扩容、升级及集成方便:该系统设计留有充分的余地,方便日后进行扩容、升级及集成,因此该系统传输要采用数字化压缩、编解码设备,控制软件则采用开放性结构。 Convenient expansion, upgrade and integration: The system design has sufficient room for future expansion, upgrade and integration. Therefore, the system uses digital compression, encoding and decoding equipment, and the control software adopts an open structure.

System design

、前端 1.Front end
A. Four corners of the entrance and exit of the prison: the equipment design is mainly made for the monitoring of the flow of people in and out of the prison, the monitoring of traffic flow, and the collection of evidence from near and far.

B. Prisoner's room: It is required to grasp and manage the situation of the prisoner in real time, find abnormal dynamics and deal with it in a timely manner, and prevent the prisoner from damaging the camera.

C. Aisles, stadiums, restaurants, and other places of activity: Monitoring of the passing of people is required. In the case of no one passing by at night, it can be set to motion detection. When there is an object passing, a camera response will occur.

D. Set mobile monitoring and linkage camera equipment in places of sexual activity during the period, such as aisles, stadiums, restaurants and other places. At night or during inactive hours during the day, through the host control, set up an unmanned zone. When someone enters the detection zone, the system automatically compares and issues an alarm signal.

E. Alarm linkage function: installation of anti-beam probes on high walls, infrared probes in gun stores, gates and corridors, and aisles. The joint motion detection function can be used to arm the entire prison and set up unattended. Once the alarm is triggered, you can switch to the corresponding image and automatic recording, and issue a sound and light alarm. Able to deal with emergencies in a timely manner.

、中控 2.Control

Considering the large area of prisons, digital information has become the general trend. In order to adapt to the development of digital network, our company has developed a brand new monitoring platform, which uses computer as the core, adopts high and new technology, combines the actual requirements of monitoring system and the security theory and experience that has been continuously improved for many years, and establishes a set of software and hardware combination A new, complete monitoring system that optimizes the internal structure, reduces unnecessary links, improves overall performance and response speed, and meets the continuous development of technology. It belongs to a set of real monitoring management platforms. 音频数字化、系统的网络化、应用的多媒体化、管理的智能化。 The platform is concentrated on the digital video / audio of the multimedia monitoring system, the network of the system, the multimedia of the application, and the intelligent management.

、后端监控是通过海邦客户端软件实现,通过IE浏览可实现网络远程监控。 3. Back-end monitoring is realized by Haibang client software, and remote monitoring of the network can be realized through IE browsing.

Fourth, system advantages

、稳定性好,不死机,功能齐全,集成度高,具有动态IP功能,报警功能,可外接传感器。 1. Good stability, no crashes, complete functions, high integration, dynamic IP function, alarm function, and external sensors.

、功能齐全,集成度高,具有动态IP功能,报警功能,红外/烟感报警功能。 2. Complete functions, high integration, with dynamic IP function, alarm function, infrared / smoke alarm function.

、施工方便、价格合理。 3. Convenient construction and reasonable price.

、系统具有未来的可扩展性。 4. The system has future scalability.

Five, monitoring topology diagram:

Function introduction

Software functions:

1   Multi-screen monitoring

1/4/6/9/10/13/16   Multi-screen split mode, the screen can be zoomed in three levels, the speed dome control button will appear at the maximum, and the surveillance area can be adjusted at will (the speed dome protocol is set). You can drag and drop camera icons to monitor different camera images. With wait.

  1. 、 录象和回放 2. Video recording and playback

Any channel of video image display, recording, playback, and multiplexing are performed simultaneously. In order to enhance the flexibility of the recording, the software also provides multiple recording methods, including motion detection recording, timing recording, manual recording, and continuous recording. , Preset video, alarm video, etc.

Motion detection video Motion detection video is when the server detects the image motion on the scene, it will automatically record the scene and the red border flashes the alarm (for example, if someone walks in front of the camera, the server will automatically record to the local computer ).

Timed video   Timing recording refers to setting the recording time period in the software. When the system time enters the set time period, the images in this time period are automatically recorded. In this way, the unattended system can also be monitored normally (for example, during holidays, you can set the recording plan for the holiday period in advance, so that the system will automatically execute the recording plan when that happens)

Manual video   When using the manual video recording method, the user can more easily control it manually. When the user selects a channel, the video will start to record, and after canceling, the video will stop.

Continuous recording Select continuous recording in the recording schedule, then select the channel and time period, and save the selected channel for continuous recording in the selected time period after saving.

秒钟的预先录像处理。 The preset video supports the pre-recording processing of 1-60 seconds before the alarm is triggered in the software.

路同时检索的便利; 16路同时同步检索,也可独立检索、关键帧检索、单路音视频同步回放,显示每一帧的录像时间,任意拖动鼠标及时更新通道视频图像;智能搜索能够搜索出用户设定的区域内所有发生过变化的视频图像及发生的时间。 The superiority of the Haibang products and the stability of the system provide users with the convenience of simultaneous 16- channel retrieval; 16- channel simultaneous retrieval, independent retrieval, key frame retrieval, single-channel audio and video synchronous playback, display the video of each frame Time, drag the mouse arbitrarily to update the channel video image in time; intelligent search can search all the video images that have changed in the area set by the user and the time of occurrence.

、视频备份和图像备份 3.Video backup and image backup

Video backup ?   In the software, any channel, any time period of video, snapshot capture can be realized, and the selected video can be saved to the local hard disk. Add text descriptions to videos or single frame images as required. ,备份资料通过WINDOWS媒体播放器直接播放,无须专用软件。 The video save format supports AVI , and the backup data can be played directly through the Windows Media Player without special software.

Picture backup ?   Realize any channel, any time period of video pictures, snapped pictures saved to the local hard disk. Add text captions to the image as needed. (Set the font and color by yourself) You can choose the position and format of the text. You can choose to embed a watermark on the picture.

4   Automatic connection function after power failure

When the software is playing or recording, if the video server stops supplying power at this time, the software will stop playing images and stop recording, but if the video server is normally powered, the software will automatically connect to the server and resume the original playback and playback. Video without human intervention.

、电子地图 5.Electronic map

摄象机)的实际位置在预先绘制好的地图上放置该设备的模拟设备图片,在监视画面中可以通过电子地图直观地地位寻找相应的设备,支持多个电子地图。 The system supports embedded electronic maps. Based on the actual location of the system's physical equipment ( camera ) , a simulated device picture of the device is placed on a pre-drawn map. In the monitoring screen, the corresponding equipment can be intuitively found through the electronic map in the monitoring screen. Multiple electronic maps.

6   , remote control

The host and client can achieve multipoint-to-multipoint interconnection.

解析功能。 Unique dynamic IP resolution function.

The client can arbitrarily set the host, and can monitor the video channels of different hosts at the same time.

Powerful remote search function and remote local editing and backup function of remote data.

Adaptive bandwidth super strong error correction multimedia communication technology.

7   Remote configuration

Log on to the server remotely and configure the server's various parameters, such as creating a new user, setting a recording plan remotely, and restarting remotely.

8   Alarm function

The video server can input infrared alarms, sensor alarms, etc., and output alarm signal switches, such as siren.

9   , External sensor

Various data from sensors can be superimposed on the video image in real time and saved.

、 用户管理功能 10. User management function

The system administrator can configure the permissions of any user, including which images can be viewed, whether there is a cloud mirror control function, and any important operations performed by each user are all recorded in the database.

Seven, equipment list

1.DVR   HBDVR-0516
操作系统软件 2. Haibang DVR operating system software
3.Haibang client software
4. Operate the mouse and keys
5.Monitor optional  
6.Power   DC 12V in-line style, 800-1000MA requires several points
7.PTZ camera
8.PTZ decoder
10.Video head
11.Cable   RVV2x0.5 ?? m
12.Cable   ?? 米 RVV6x0.5 ?? m
13.Cable   ?? 米 RVVP2x1 ?? m
14.Power cable   RVV3x1.0? M
15, galvanized wire tube DN20
16, auxiliary materials approved
17. Total equipment
18.Transportation of equipment
19. Equipment installation and commissioning fee
20. Project management fee
22. Total project

Eight, after-sales service

、服务方针三个月保换,一年免费保修。 1. The service policy is guaranteed for three months, and it is free for one year. During the warranty period, we unconditionally guarantee and replace all parts of all equipment free of charge. All parts of all equipment (including all parts of the whole machine) are free of charge for repair and parts. 省内)所有设备维修保养服务均为上门服务,由此产生的费用均不再收取。 During the warranty period, all equipment maintenance services (in the province ) are on-site services, and the resulting costs will no longer be charged. Provide free technical support services for system expansion and upgrade.

、响应时间 2.Response time   年,保修的响应时间为:每天830-1730期间。 The warranty period is one year from the date of project acceptance, and the response time of the warranty is: 8 : 30-17 : 30 daily.

Every customer we have detailed management files and professional technical staff to serve you. 小时内给您回复 You can communicate and leave a message with the service staff by phone, email or enter the message board of Haibang website. We will respond to all your questions within 48 hours.