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Anhui Secco electric sliding door (electric sliding door, motor warehouse door)

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门的平面位置、立面分格及颜色等符合大门建筑设计的整体要求;大门与建筑本身和周边环境协调,既满足大门的安全使用,又考虑大门的美观新颖;电动推拉门主要部件,包括门扇结构件、上导轨、下轨道、驱动装置、限位装置等,使用寿命 不小于 50年或其它 ;水密性等级为三级、气密性等级为四级 货其它 ;整个大门系统的 保温隔热性能 K ≤2.0W/m2k 或其它 ;大门保温材料符合防火要求;大门为下承重上导向形式; 电动 大门上装有过位保护装置和安全防护装置,防止门扇之间的相互撞击,有效保护过往人员和物品的安全;大门能抗风压、地震力等,彩钢板加芯板推拉门均满足标准风压 0.4KN/M, 或当地 风压值要求。 1. The plane position, elevation division and color of SECCO electric sliding door meet the overall requirements of the architectural design of the gate; the gate is in harmony with the building itself and the surrounding environment, which not only meets the safe use of the gate, but also considers the beauty and novelty of the gate; The main parts of the electric sliding door, including the door leaf structure, the upper guide rail, the lower rail, the drive device, the limit device, etc., have a service life of not less than 50 years or other ; the watertightness level is level three, and the airtightness level is level four. K value of the whole door system's heat insulation performance ≤ 2.0W / m2k or other ; the door insulation material meets the requirements of fire protection; the door is a lower load-bearing and upward guide form; the electric door is equipped with over-position protection devices and safety protection devices to prevent the door leaf The collision between them effectively protects the safety of people and objects in the past; the door can resist wind pressure, seismic force, etc. The color steel plate and core plate sliding doors all meet the standard wind pressure of 0.4KN / M, or the local wind pressure value requirements.

电动推拉 大门的基本组成有:门扇结构件、门板、采光窗(可选)、下轨道、行走轮、上导轨、驱动装置、密封系统、电气控制系统和安全防护装置等部件。 2. The basic composition of the electric sliding door includes: door leaf structural parts, door panels, lighting windows (optional), lower rails, walking wheels, upper rails, driving devices, sealing systems, electrical control systems and safety protection devices.

大门门板选用 50mm厚聚氨酯彩钢夹芯板或其它特定板材。 3. The SECCO electric sliding door is made of 50mm thick polyurethane color steel sandwich panel or other specific plates. ≥0.5mm,聚氨酯芯材密度为35±2kg/m3 或其它 Color board thickness ≥0.5mm, polyurethane core material density is 35 ± 2kg / m3 or other . The design of all the fasteners of the door leaf will not be loosened due to vibration, cyclic loading, bending and thermal expansion and contraction.

4. The door frame material is steel structure .

平,大门地轨处设排水装置,地轨排水 可靠措施防止异物堵塞。 5. The gate rail is flush with the indoor floor . Drainage devices are installed at the gate rail. The rail drainage has reliable measures to prevent blockage of foreign objects.

650mm(W)*340mm(H) 或其它 ;门体可配制门中门,门中门的常规尺寸 1200m(宽)×1900m(高) 或其它 ,向外开启,小门包边及门框采用专用铝型材,小门锁为执手、锁一体式,日常进出操作方便。 6 , the door can be attached with small windows: double-layer transparent insulation observation window, the window material performance is better than plexiglass, each small window size is 650mm (W) * 340mm (H) or other ; the door can be prepared in the door The normal size of the door and the middle door is 1200m (width) x 1900m (height) or others , which are opened outwards. The small door hemming and door frame are made of special aluminum profiles. The small door lock is a handle and lock integrated, which is convenient for daily access. .

国家相关规范标准 执行 7. All structural metal parts are subjected to anti-corrosion treatment after shot blast cleaning. The structure treatment and coating process are strictly in accordance with relevant national standards .

8. All the main structural components undergo the following processing before assembly:

SA2.5; (1) Shot blasting reaches: SA2.5;

(2) The painting color of the gate is the same as the main color of the rain shelter outside the building;

9. Reliable sealing measures are used around the door leaf and door opening. 水平密封措施(采用毛刷),其他部位密封采用专用模具成型的抗老化橡胶密封,密封材料安装在专用的铝合金型材上,铝型材壁厚不小于 2mm。 There are horizontal sealing measures (using a brush) above the gate , and other parts are sealed with an anti-aging rubber seal formed by a special mold. The sealing material is installed on a special aluminum alloy profile. The thickness of the aluminum profile is not less than 2mm.

10. The door driving device is a mechatronic motor. When the power is off, the clutch can be disengaged to realize manual opening and closing of the door leaf. SAYOK品牌电机或进口电机 ,大门启闭运行速度约为 8米/分或其它 The door opener selects domestic Zhejiang Pioneer or SAYOK brand motors or imported motors . The door opening and closing speed is about 8 meters / minute or other .

11. Design requirements for electric sliding doors

11.1 Natural conditions and load conditions

;基本风压:根据当地基本风压值按照国家相关规范及行业标准进行计算;按照《建筑结构荷载规范》 GB50009-2012的要求,风荷载的体形系数、风压高度变化系数、阵风系数,同时满足 局部风压体形系数的影响,体形系数 满足 厂房结构特点。 (1) Temperature: -20 ° C-40 ° C or other ; Basic wind pressure: Calculated according to the local basic wind pressure value in accordance with relevant national codes and industry standards; in accordance with the requirements of "Building Structure Load Code" GB50009-2012, The body shape coefficient, wind pressure height change coefficient, and gust coefficient also satisfy the influence of local wind pressure body shape coefficient, and the body shape coefficient meets the structural characteristics of the plant.

(2) Power supply: voltage 380V (220V) ± 10% frequency 50HZ.

11.2 Main technical parameters and requirements:

(1) Two sets of drive door openers can be set according to the size of the door opening. When the door opener fails, it has the function of manually opening and closing the sliding door.

级。 (2) The door leaf and the door frame on both sides of the door opening are well sealed. The air tightness of the door leaf is Ⅲ and the water tightness is.

(3) There are limit switches on both ends of each door in the forward and reverse running section to ensure the relative position between the door leaves and prevent the door leaves from exceeding the limit position.

(4) All the mechanical transmission and electrical control parts of the door are provided with an inspection door with a sufficient opening degree. The inspection door is durable and beautiful.

实用、耐用、便于维修。 (5) The gate control system is designed to be practical, durable and easy to maintain.

(6) Motor protection level: IP54.

12. Material requirements:

品牌 优质产品。 The main body steel, door panels, door openers, control boxes, rails, and weather-resistant adhesives are all brand- quality products. (Secco automatic door, special door, industrial door technology announcement)